What You Risk By Going It Alone


It’s up to the policyholder to prove their damages following a loss. This is a difficult and time-consuming task. If you do not have the time or experience, you’re unlikely to estimate the correct amount by yourself, and/or you will be forced to rely on whatever figure your insurance company deems appropriate.


Documenting your loss without professional help will be more than just time-consuming and difficult; it is also deeply unpleasant and often results in the policyholder missing important details.


Without a representative, you’ll be placing yourself at the mercy of your insurance carrier and the adjusters it hires, or trying to assess your claim on your own.


Lack of familiarity or understanding of the laws and regulations that protect you in relation to your insurance claim can lead to mistakes that benefit the insurance company.


You need to document all communications with your adjuster in writing to ensure you are always on the same page as your insurance adjuster.  All the details matter and this means taking the time to document everything.


You will have to document fire or water damage you’ve suffered, or your flood loss on your own. This means organizing and gathering receipts, photos, construction records, as well as identifying all lost personal property and evidence supporting the personal property claim, including purchase dates, model numbers, condition, purchase price and any receipts for purchases of replacements.


You will need to calculate whether your insurance adjuster properly depreciated the value of your personal property and/or replacement cost of damaged or destroyed items. This process requires specialized knowledge.


Insurance company adjusters try to minimize your their financial exposure on your claim. This means you need to be prepared to cite policy provisions and California insurance code provisions that protect your interests as well as negotiate for further benefits from your insurance company.

What is a Public Adjuster and how is a Public Adjuster Different than Other Adjusters?

Public adjusters are insurance professionals who represent you, the insured, the policyholder, and not the insurance company in your property damage claim.  “Insurance adjusters,” “insurance company adjusters,” “third party adjusters,” and “independent adjusters,” are essentially one and the same thing. They are beholden to the insurance company, either hired to work on a contract basis for them or employed directly, to minimize the financial exposure of the insurance company on your claim.

What does a Public Adjuster Do?

Public adjusters protect your interests and advocate for your rights and benefits under your property damage insurance policy. For more info, go to service overview page.

Why Did Michael McEvoy Choose to Become a Public Adjuster?

Michael enjoyed working on property damage cases as a practicing attorney and found that he especially enjoyed the analysis of the damage claims and valuing the various aspects of a claim, whether it be a unique custom home, a mobile home park owners’ lost income claim, or fine art and antiques claim. He decided he wanted to do something different that still utilized his attorney skills and experience and that also incorporated his passion for property damage claims. Public adjusting seemed like the perfect alternative that allows him to use his skills and advocate on behalf of California policyholders.

FREE No-Obligation Case Review

Integral Adjusters, LLC. is a public adjusting company that offers potential clients throughout California a free in-person consultation. Schedule a free initial consultation with Michael McEvoy, owner of Integral Adjusters, and he will answer any questions you may have about the claim process, examine your insurance policy, and discuss your coverage.

Why should I hire a public adjuster?

A public adjuster helps eliminate the stress and feeling of hopelessness that can accompany a property damage claim. Moreover, it evens the playing field. The insurance company has an adjuster protecting its interests. If you have suffered property damage or loss in the Woolsey Fire or any sudden, unexpected or unusual event, you deserve fair compensation. You have a right to have your own adjuster advocate for your rights and benefits under the policy. A well-documented claim is critical to maximizing your insurance benefits, and unless you have the time, expertise, knowledge, and experience you should hire a public adjuster.