Expert Public Adjuster in California Negotiating Your Insurance Claim

Big or small, fires bring not only the physical devastation to your home, business, or community, but also the emotional toll. Getting back on your feet is difficult when you have lost everything. People are always surprised when they find out they have to prove their loss to their insurance company following a fire. This means identifying and documenting all aspects of your home and its fixtures as well as identifying all your items of personal property. It means tracking all of your expenses and purchases for reimbursement. This can be an overwhelming process. Let Integral Adjusters help alleviate the stress and help you get back on your feet.

Michael McEvoy, founder of Integral Adjusters, is also a licensed attorney. In his law practice as an insurance defense attorney, he spent many years defending clients in complex wildland fire lawsuits brought by homeowners and business owners who sustained property damage and lost business income. The wildfires he worked on included multiple large wildfires that damaged thousands of homes and businesses: Sayre Fire, Malibu Canyon, Bastrop County Complex Fire, Happy Camp Fire, Grass Valley Fire, and the Poinsettia and Bernardo Fires. He reviewed hundreds of claim files to evaluate the damages of policyholders. Through his nearly full-time work on these cases, he developed a reputation as a property damages expert and was a speaker on the topic at the 2015 Wildland Fire Litigation Conference.

Michael’s unique professional background makes him distinctly qualified as a public adjuster to evaluate property damage or loss caused by fire, smoke, soot, or ash. He is very familiar with the techniques insurance adjusters use when evaluating and negotiating a claim. If you need help with your fire claim in Los Angeles, or anywhere else in California, reach out to us today.

How will Integral Adjusters Help with Your Fire Damage Claim?

Get Maximum Settlement Amount

Insurance adjusters work for the insurance company.  Although some insurance companies and their adjusters may be relatively fair when treating policyholders’ claims, they will certainly focus on their own bottom line and strive to protect their own interests. Insurance adjusters work to minimize the company’s financial exposure from your claim. Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of. Read More

Manage All Administration

Thorough documentation is a vital part of any successful insurance claim. Our property damage public adjuster in Los Angeles serves the entire California state and will help you reduce the stress you are under by managing your claim efficiently. Integral Adjusters will ensure to keep track and document all communications with your insurer and your insurance adjuster in written form, as well as handle all phone calls. Read More

Quantify The Loss & Cost

Integral Adjusters will ensure all your damages are properly documented with correct estimates for values and costs of repair.  Whether it’s additional living expenses, costs related to your personal property, or costs to rebuild or repair property, we will ensure your claim is properly valued when submitted to your insurance company.

Negotiate Your Settlement

Michael McEvoy, our residential and commercial public adjuster in Los Angeles, is well-versed on the ins and outs of California insurance law and the insurance claim process. From his 13 years practicing law, he is a seasoned negotiator and will put that experience to work on your behalf.

Why Integral Adjusters is the best choice?

Most public adjusters are either available to clients to a limited extent or choose to delegate the claims to their subordinates. Integral Adjusters is different. We believe in a personalized, 1-on-1 service that begins with the very first call and finishes with the final settlement. You will have direct communication with Integral Adjusters’ Michael McEvoy who is among the top property damage public adjusters in Los Angeles County and California and a licensed California attorney. He has gained vast, invaluable experience as an insurance defense lawyer. He advocated for his clients as a litigator in a broad range of cases, with complex wildfire cases being his specialty. He is well-versed in claim handling strategies and procedures employed by insurance company. Over the years, he has evaluated hundreds of property damage claim files so as to assess the value of claims. Whether you have a fire, smoke, ash, soot, or flood claim, or you seek compensation after water damage, Michael will stay committed to your cause, dedicating his time, effort and energy to helping you navigate your claim and ensure the most favorable resolution of the claim. Michael will keep you up to date on all the aspects of your claim throughout the process and on regular basis. He will make sure to secure what you are entitled to receive under the policy, from the moment your claim is initiated to its final resolution. With him on your side, you can rest assured that you are getting the most in-depth assistance and support.

Integral Adjusters Difference:

  • 24/7 one-on-one service provided directly by Michael McEvoy
  • Comprehensive insight into insurance companies’ commonly used procedures and strategies
  • Years of legal experience in a vast range of water, fire and wildfire loss cases
  • Comprehensive knowledge of California’s insurance law
  • Expert management and documentation of all the aspects of your claim
  • Seasoned negotiator who will strive to maximize your benefits
  • Contingency fee, meaning Integral Adjusters gets paid on a percentage basis only if and when you get paid

Not sure how to proceed after a fire? Book a FREE consultation.

Need an expert opinion on your fire, smoke, ash, or soot claim in Los Angeles, Orange County, Ventura, San Diego, San Bernardino, and other California communities? Schedule a free initial consultation with Michael McEvoy, owner of Integral Adjusters, and he will answer any questions you may have about the claim process, examine your insurance policy, and discuss your coverage.

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