House Fire Damage and How to Deal With House Fire Insurance in Los Angeles

house fire insurance claim in Los AngelesFire damage is one of the most devastating issues a homeowner may experience. Due to the speed with which it spreads, fire can rapidly cause irreparable damage and grievous injury. At least you have your house fire insurance in Los Angeles to fall back on, right?

Regrettably, things are not always so simple. Homeowners dealing with fire, flood, or water damage insurance claims often find themselves being pressured by their insurers into accepting the first offer the insurance company makes. In the wake of a disaster, many people are too exhausted to fight for their rights.

Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of. Take a moment to inform yourself about fire damage, its prevention, and how to ensure you get the full coverage your insurance policy entitles you to. Read on to learn more.

Leading causes of house fire damage

When it comes to what causes fire on your property, many people tend to think first of natural disasters such as wildfires or even crimes such as arson. The unfortunate truth is that many life-changing fires occur as a result of small malfunctions or brief moments of negligence.

Common causes of house fires include:

  • Kitchen fires can be kick-started by any number of seemingly-insignificant factors. These include the heat from the oven and the open flames on the stove, any of which can cause food, napkins, or clothes to catch fire during the cooking process.
  • Electrical fires are caused by malfunctions in electrical wiring and appliances. Electrical fires cannot be doused with water, and instead require specialized, water-free fire extinguishers.
  • Lightning strikes are unpreventable and can occur even during water-based natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods. A lightning bolt doesn’t need to hit your home to start a fire, it can simply strike the ground close to your property and create fast-spreading flames.
  • Smoking is generally associated with unpleasant smells and health issues, but it’s actually also a leading cause of house fires. Falling asleep with a lit cigarette in hand can cause life-threatening injury, and tossing a still-burning cigarette in the trash can spark a fire that rapidly engulfs your property.
  • Children like to play with lighters, candles, matches, and other fire-generating devices. Dropping a burning candle or briefly touching it to a curtain are accidents that can pose a great danger to your home and well-being.

How to prevent house fires?

house fire insurance in Los AngelesPeople have been forced to deal with house fires throughout history. Luckily, modern fire and water damage prevention systems allow us to avoid or stop home disasters before they can get out of hand.

Efficient house fire prevention measures include:

  • Installing smoke detectors
  • Getting dependable fire extinguishers
  • Having a fire escape route
  • Investing in quality electrical outlets and installations
  • Investing in quality appliances that boast fire-prevention systems
  • Limiting the number of plugs you have in an electrical outlet or power strip

Regardless of these preventative measures, you should make sure you also have reliable house fire insurance in Los Angeles to fall back on. After all, no prevention system in the world will help you if a wildfire like Woolsey reaches your home, or the flames spread from a nearby property.

We can assist you with your house fire insurance claim in Los Angeles

Sometimes, no amount of prevention is enough, and a fire causes extensive damage to your home. These are extremely stressful situations, but it’s important to stay calm and seek the maximum benefits and compensation your insurance policy entitles you to.

Integral Adjusters specializes in making sure that you, our client, receive the maximum benefits and compensation you are entitled to under your policy from your insurer. Reach out to us today and schedule a free consultation with California’s leading public adjuster, Michael McEvoy.