It’s an unfortunate (and scary) reality that there are individuals out there who will deliberately cause damage to your property for little or no reason at all. These acts of vandalism can be anything from a keyed car or a smashed window to serious property damage that may even put you and your loved ones in danger.

If you have a strong insurance plan, it likely also covers vandalism damage. But how do you file a strong vandalism damage claim that ensures you get the most generous payout your policy allows?

Luckily, a good public adjuster has the know-how to guide you through the claim process. However, before you start googling “property damage adjuster near me”, you should take the time to learn more about property damage claim process in Los Angeles. Read on.

Vandalism damage claim checklist:

  • Step #1: Get a police report. Vandalism is a crime, so you should dial 911 ASAP. Having a police report that proves your property was deliberately damaged or defaced is crucial.
  • Step #2: Notify your insurer. You must do this quickly in order to meet your insurance claim deadlines. Be ready to provide information about the vandalism incident, such as time, date, and type of damage incurred.
  • Step #3: Contact a public adjuster. The answer to “When should I hire a property damage adjuster near me” is: as early as you can. Insurance companies tend to be extremely serious about vandalism claims due to the high number of fraudulent claims out there. A public adjuster will ensure you file a rock-solid claim that gets you your rightful due.
  • Step #4: Arrange for repairs. Once the damage has been thoroughly documented, you should repair or replace the damaged property. Don’t forget to check if your policy includes any deductibles.

What should I do if my car has been vandalized?

Vehicle vandalism includes scratched paint, graffiti, broken windows, torn or twisted windscreen wipers, slashed tires, and more. It often occurs at inopportune places, forcing you to move your car before your insurer has had the chance to assess the damage.

If your car has been vandalized, do the following:

  • At the scene. Notify the Los Angeles Police Department immediately. If there are witnesses, make sure to gather their contact information.
  • Secure your vehicle. Don’t drive your car unless you’re certain it’s safe to do so. Remove your belongings if the car has to be towed. Don’t clean up or repair the damages until your insurer has assessed the damages.
  • Document the damage. Extensively photograph the damage from every angle. If you have any recent pictures of your car prior to the vandalism, don’t forget to provide those as well in your vandalism damage claim.

How do I protect my Los Angeles property against vandalism?

Searching online for the “best property damage adjuster near me” after your property has already suffered malicious damage or defacement is all well and good, but how do you prevent such things from happening in the first place?

Here are a few tips on how to protect your property against vandals:

  • Install bright security lights outside and inside your workplace or home.
  • Get unbreakable security glass that makes acts such as window smashing impossible.
  • Place a fence around your property.
  • Consider security patrols.
  • If the property isn’t occupied at all times, arrange inspections that are in line with Policy requirements.

Where can I hire a top-notch property damage adjuster near me?

Whether your property was vandalized or hit by a natural disaster (for example, the Getty Fire), don’t hesitate to contact Integral Adjusters LLC. Our property damage claims expert, Michael McEvoy, will happily give you a free consultation and advise you on how to best proceed with your case.

Reach out to us today. We’ll help you get the highest payout your policy entitles you to.

Most property insurance claims in Los Angeles are caused by wildfires, floods, and other natural disasters. Unfortunately, the 6th most common reason for filing an insurance claim has nothing to do with Mother Earth, but rather with unlawful individuals who willfully steal other people’s property.

Like other types of damage claims, the theft or burglary insurance claim process is full of pitfalls that can easily cause you to get a smaller payout than you lawfully deserve. The surest way to avoid this is to hire a seasoned public adjuster who knows the ins and outs of insurance law.

Before you start typing “property damage adjusters near me” into Google, read the rest of this article. We’ll answer a few common questions about the theft or burglary claim process, and tell you where to find a respected public adjuster service in Los Angeles. Read on.

What should I do if I discover a theft or burglary?

Having your home or workplace broken into, or your car stolen, is always a stressful situation. As with filing vandalism damage claims, however, it’s important to remain calm and follow the correct steps in order to avoid accidentally undermining your claim.

The first thing you need to do is ensure that the perpetrators are no longer around and that your home or workplace is safe to enter. If you suspect they’re still present, you should immediately retreat to safety and call 911. Do not try to confront them yourself: they may be armed and dangerous.

Once you’re certain the perpetrators have left, you should:

  • Notify the Los Angeles Police Department and file a police report.
  • Create photos and videos of personal or structural property damage.
  • If you’re a tenant, contact your landlord and inform them about the situation.
  • Notify your insurance company early on in order to stay within the insurance claim deadlines.
  • Prevent further damage by making emergency repairs (if necessary). Keep all receipts.
  • Don’t dispose of any damaged belongings before your insurer has had the chance to assess your losses.

When should I contact reliable property damage adjusters near me?

As soon as possible. Insurance companies tend to keep a very close eye on theft or burglary cases because many of these claims have turned out to be fraudulent in the past. Enlisting the aid of a trusted public adjuster will provide ample proof to your insurer that your claim is legit and ensure you get what you are entitled to.

Should I compile a list of damaged or stolen items?

Absolutely. Every claim relies on thorough documentation, so make sure to provide an extensive inventory of all stolen and damaged items. Include in-depth information, as well as evidence of ownership (if available).

Your inventory should include:

  • Time, date, and place of purchase of each item.
  • The cost of the item.
  • The model and brand of the item.
  • A copy of the original purchase receipt (if possible).
  • Videos or photos that prove ownership of the damaged or stolen item (if possible).

Where can I find dependable Los Angeles property damage adjusters near me?

Whether your home, office, or vehicle was broken into, vandalized, or damaged by a natural catastrophe such as the Kincade Fire, you can count on Integral Adjusters LLC to ensure your insurance claim ends with the most favorable outcome possible.

“What makes Integral Adjusters the top property damage adjusters near me”, we hear you ask. The answer is: everything. With more than 13 years of experience working as an insurance defense lawyer, our very own Michael McEvoy is unrivaled when it comes to understanding insurance law and the techniques used by insurance companies.

By scheduling your free consultation today, you too can benefit from Michael’s extensive experience, knowledge, and negotiation expertise.

Sometimes, there’s just nothing you can do to prevent a disaster. A lightning strike may set your house on fire, or your neighborhood may find itself in the path of a large-scale catastrophe like the 2017 California floods, and then all of a sudden your life is turned on its head.

A comprehensive insurance policy will go a long way toward dampening the blow to your finances, but it comes with its own difficulties. The good news is, there are top-notch property damage adjusters in Los Angeles who can provide expert help with your insurance claim process.

In the following article, we’ll explain how getting help from reliable property claims adjusters can greatly expedite your insurance claim and make sure you get the highest payout possible. Keep reading to learn more.

What are public adjusters?

Public adjusters are highly experienced and superbly trained insurance professionals who specialize in representing you, the policyholder. Their job is to guide you safely through the damage claim process in order to ensure you don’t get taken advantage of by your insurance company.

Some of the services a public adjuster provides include:

  • Policy interpretation. Most people lack the necessary training needed to fully understand their insurance policies. Public adjusters use their in-depth knowledge of insurance law to correctly and thoroughly analyze and interpret your insurance policy. This is vital, as knowing exactly what you’re entitled to is going to make all the difference in the way you approach the claim process.
  • Evaluating lost business income.
  • Preparation of true damage estimates, valuations, and inventories of the damaged property.
  • Extensive and professional documentation of the damage. This includes documenting, inspecting, and photographing the damages to your house, apartment, workplace, vehicle, or other property.
  • Representing you during negotiations with your insurer.

Why do I need property damage adjusters in Los Angeles?

Insurance is vital to anyone with a home, business, or apartment.  It protects you from the significant financial losses that can be caused by catastrophes such as floods, earthquakes, or wildfires. That being said, insurance is sold by insurance companies that are still businesses, and their end goal is to make money.

Some insurers are better than others, but all are concerned about their bottom line and want to try to resolve claims as quickly as possible with as little paid out as possible.  There is therefore an inherent conflict with every claim between your insurance company’s adjuster and you, the insured.

A good public adjuster will review your policy, assess your coverage, communicate with your insurer, determine what benefits and money you’re really entitled to, and ensure you receive it by representing you throughout the damage claim process.

How are public adjusters different from the adjusters my insurer sends me?

Your insurance company will send either a “company adjuster” or an “independent adjuster” to handle your claim.  Many times, the adjuster is not from California and not familiar with the state laws or local construction costs.  They are often overworked with many separate claims that they are handling. In fact, you may have multiple adjusters handling your claim at the same time for your insurance company.  It should therefore come as no surprise that the insurance adjusters sent by your insurance company ultimately represent the company’s interests, rather than yours. Public adjusters represent and work for you, the insured.

Where can I hire reputable property damage adjusters in Los Angeles?

Unless you have a background in insurance or have studied the intricacies of the insurance claims process in California, you’re unlikely to get the most out of your policy. That’s where Integral Adjusters LLC comes in.

Our top insurance expert, Michael McEvoy, is a second-to-none public adjuster in Los Angeles. With him on your team, you’ll not only maximize the benefits you receive from your coverage, you’ll also have someone to represent you during lengthy and stressful claim process and negotiations.

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Accidents, natural disasters, and unlawful actions, such as flood, fire, wind, vandalism, or water damage, can cause considerable losses. A maximized insurance payout can be of immense help when it comes to bouncing back after such a loss.

property insurance claims process californiaHowever, the unfortunate truth is that insurance companies treat your claim as a business decision and therefore work to minimize their monetary exposure, keeping the payout as low as possible. By taking the time to acquaint yourself with the property insurance claims process in California, you will be able to maximize the value you get out of your insurance policy.

In this article, we will give you a few pointers that apply regardless of the type of property damage claim you are dealing with.   Keep reading to learn more.

What should your first steps be?

Do not wait for a disaster to strike before you familiarize yourself with your insurance policy and rights under California law. If you do not have a complete or current version of your policy, ask in writing for a certified copy of your policy. A good starting point is to check your policy’s “Declarations Page.”

Your policy is divided into coverage categories. These include:

  • Dwelling (“Coverage A”)
  • Other Structures (“Coverage B”)
  • Personal Property (“Coverage C”)
  • Loss of Use/Additional Living Expenses (“Coverage D”)
  • Other categories such as medical payments and personal liability.

Read your entire policy.  It is not enough to just read the Declarations Page.  Your policy will include definitions, descriptions, conditions and exclusions that are pertinent to the benefits that are available to you. Are you entitled to replacement cost or actual cash value?  If you are entitled to replacement cost, what conditions are required for you to receive the full replacement cost value of either your personal property, dwelling, or other structures? Do not rely on the insurance company’s adjuster for policy interpretation.  Many times your adjuster may be from out of state and unfamiliar with the specifics of your policy or your rights under the insurance laws of California. Insurance company adjusters and independent adjusters work for the insurance company and ultimately protect the insurer’s interests during the property insurance claims process in California.

What are Additional Living Expenses and what do they cover?

Additional Living Expenses (ALE), also called Loss of Use, covers the extra expenses you incur as a result of your property damage claim.  These expenses must be additional to your normal expenses. This means that if your home is uninhabitable, either because it has been destroyed or has sustained major damage, you must continue to pay your mortgage.  However, the expenses associated with a hotel stay or rent for a rental home or apartment will be covered by your insurance company as ALE. Other common expenses that are typically covered as ALE include the extra mileage to and from your employer or child’s school, meals above your normal or average expenditures prior to the loss, and moving costs.

property insurance claims process in californiaLet’s say you had to evacuate your home due to damage caused by one of the 2018 California wildfires. With nowhere else to go, you are forced to pay for temporary accommodations. If you have pets, you may need to pay for their boarding too. Ideally, ALE would cover all these unforeseen expenses.

Ask your insurer for a written list of all common items that are reimbursable under your ALE coverage. Even if your insurer seems unwilling to pay for some types of expenses, in our experience it pays to ask.  We represented a husband and wife who felt more comfortable staying with family members following damage from the Camp Fire.  The client’s insurer agreed to pay for the increase in utility bills that the client’s family members incurred as a result of the displaced family moving in.  

Since ALE payments are normally paid on a reimbursement basis, it is vital that you save all your receipts and timely submit them to your insurer for reimbursement.  

What if you need or want to live in a trailer during reconstruction?

Some people prefer to stay in the area while rebuilding or repairing their property. In these cases, it is possible to ask your insurer to “cash out” your ALE coverage so that you can buy a motorhome or a trailer instead of using the coverage money to pay rent.

This approach not only gives you flexibility, it also removes the need to collect and submit paperwork and receipts to your insurance company. Finally, it nets you a vehicle or a trailer that you can reuse or sell at a later date.

Getting professional help with your property insurance claims process in California

The best way to make sure you get the maximum payout your insurance policy entitles you to is to hire a first-rate public adjuster who can help guide you through the intricacies of the property damage claim process.

Integral Adjusters’ Michael McEvoy is one of California’s most experienced and effective property damage public adjusters, as well as being at your service if you have any questions about insurance claims in case of fire damage or insurance claims for water damage. Among other benefits, Michael McEvoy offers one-on-one service and makes it his mission to be available at all times to his clients. 

Contact Integral Adjusters today and schedule your free consultation.

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house fire insurance claim in Los AngelesFire damage is one of the most devastating issues a homeowner may experience. Due to the speed with which it spreads, fire can rapidly cause irreparable damage and grievous injury. At least you have your house fire insurance in Los Angeles to fall back on, right?

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